Hi! My name is Charlie Page.
I'm a PHP web developer in Atlanta, Georgia.


Sever Management

Building Websites

A little about me

I've been a web developer since 2003, first working on my own in my spare time at school (middle/high school). Despite dropping out of high school, getting my GED and not going to college, today I am working at Airtight Design in Atlanta, Georgia.

I've been using PHP/MySQL/Apache since that time and in-between 2012 and current day, have learned numerous technologies including Nginx, MongoDB, cakePHP Framework, Laravel Framework, Symfony 2 Framework, Zend 1 Framework, Silex Framework and others.

I love to try new things - not just in my personal life with hobbies, but also web development. I just try to keep learning new things so as to not get behind and also have fun.

In my spare time I'm trying to learn to play the drums (coming along slowly!), writing (novels specifically), hiking any trail I can find around central Georgia, listening to a lot of music / watching TV and finding more hobbies to try out.

My Portfolio

I've detailed my past web development experience below. Click on a picture to read more on what my part in the project was. Also, feel free to download my resume for full details.

Download My Resume

Work Ready Communities

I've been the lead since 2012 on the project. Zend 1 Framework.

AGame (AutoTrader)

This site is not up anymore, but had a PHP-powered system with multiple user groups.

Dental Grind

Mainly the lead developer, rewrote old code from another site. Running CakePHP 2.

OTR Wheel

Lead Dev, CakePHP 3 site. Has complex custom order functionality.

Operation Workforce

Adapted from another employer website, I have been the majority developer on this CakePHP site.

Online Flower Search

Originally built by another developer in Symfony 2, I've been the main developer on it since late 2013.

DLC (AutoTrader)

Dealer Learning Center is a CakePHP 2 site that I've helped out on.

Some of the areas of expertise I have with web developing:

Ubuntu Server

My experience also includes over 4 years with Ubuntu servers - using VPS hosting of Rackspace, Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean.

I live in Tucker, Georgia

A small town outside of Atlanta, but
with quick access to Atlanta and Decatur.

In my free time I like to write, read, watch TV, slowly learning to play drums and spending time with friends and family.