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I'm Charlie Page and this is my personal website. You will find basic info about me in regards to where I work, my current projects, my portfolio and my blog where I talk about topics such as web development (naturally), sports, video games and current events.

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My current employer is Airtight Design. I'm a full time web developer, developing mainly PHP applications in cooperation with Frontend Developers (HTML/CSS/JS) and Web Designers (Graphics). I've been an employee there for now 4 years, 4 months.

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Russia and the west
September 08

When will the West actually respond to actions from Russia? The West has continually drawn new lines; in the context of Russia, Syria and others - but not actually acted on those lines. With the Ukranian crisis, it appeared it might be the event that finally "broke the camels back", but instead the worst case scenario is an uptick of Russian sanctions and some aid to Ukaraine. (despite Ukranian claims, likely non-military) Instead, the next provocational event is the kidnapping of an Estonian security offical hours after the president of the United States guranteed Estonia's sovereignty. 

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